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        About Us

        Vishal Handloom House is a leading firm incorporated in the year 1990 in Howrah, West Bengal. We are one of the most preferred Suppliers of Home Linen in nationwide markets. We offer an enchanting collection of Door Mats, Bed Linen, Table Linen, Cotton Bath Towel, Cotton Bathrobe, Print Fridge Top Cover etc. Due to spirited effort of our Founder, Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh, we have attained remarkable heights of success in the markets of India.

        Quality Assurance :
        We provide our products and services with assurance of quality as per international standards and latest trends. We ensure delivery of flawless Home Linen at the clients end after conducting stringent quality tests after procurement. This process assists us in providing the best quality products in the markets.

        Client Satisfaction :
        Our products are widely appreciated by the clients from all across the country for unmatched quality and durability. We constantly strive to maintain a high level of client satisfaction by offering the best quality products and services. Owing to ethical business practices and policies, we are able to build a formidable client base in the domestic markets.

        Network :
        The company has expanded its base all over the national markets. We aspire to provide complete satisfaction to our clients through our Home Linen. Consequently, we have carved niche in the domestic markets.


        Name of Founder Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh
        Year of Establishment 1990
        Nature of Business Supplier
        Market Covered Domestic
        GST Number 19AACFV6075G1ZV

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